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Free Inspection & Roof Report Card

Yearly inspections are recommended. Damage is subjective. Call us before calling your insurance company. Already approved? Let us review the insurance findings.

What is a roof report card?
Our Haag Certified inspectors leave you a "Roof Report Card" and pictures if damage is found. If damage is not found, we leave you with peace of mind.
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Get your claim approved!
It is imperative for the over all success of your claim that the SDAT rep is present to assist and disclose findings during scheduled insurance Adjuster assessment.
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Choose Materials / Build
As an Owens Corning preferred contractor we install premium materials with proven quality. Click the link samples and design your own roof system.

SDAT's materials and workmanship are guaranteed. We are licensed and insured, A+ accredited by the BBB, and truly local since 1999. We will be there to service your needs in the future.
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