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Common Questions

Answers to All Your Roofing Inquiries

What to Expect

Prompt, honest, educated information. Proven results. Simple process. Most inspections are usually completed 1 week from initial conversation. Our certified roof inspectors always knock first and take care and pride in each individual assessment. The inspection takes around 20 min. We leave you a “Roof Report Card” and pictures if damage is found. If damage is not found, we leave you with peace of mind.

Who is SDAT Roofing?

A+ Rated, STL based Firm since 1999, Haag Certified Roofing Inspectors, Owens Corning Preferred Contractor with 1000’s of satisfied homeowners. We have licensed general contractors holding sufficient insurance to hold commercial accounts.

Why not just call my insurance?

It is a good idea to have a pre-claim inspection by an independent inspector to see probability of successful compensation. Damage is subjective and should be reviewed by an impartial inspector.

I don’t see any damage…

Damage is hard to see from the ground. If a leak appears long after a storm the homeowner may be left responsible and not compensated by insurance.

What if I have damage?

  • Don’t worry…just initiate a call to your insurance carrier and pick a shingle color…we handle the rest.

What if my roof is old?

Damage is damage. Most roofs are covered for complete replacement regardless of age.

Will a Storm claim raise my rates?

No. This is a comprehensive claim considered to be an act of God/Nature. This is a Zero fault and will not raise individual policy holders rates. Rates will often increase based on your zip code whether you make a claim or not.

Why initiate the process now?

There is a statute of limitations and some liability issues if more damage occurs. Let your insurance cover liabilities.

What costs am I responsible for?

Only your deductible and upgrades. Often other collateral damage can off-set these costs.

How long will this process take?

Generally about 45 days or less which includes the initial inspection, the adjuster meeting, gathering “Scope of Loss”, en- dorsing check, picking materials, billing your insurance to help you recover depreciation, and receiving lien wavers and material warranties.

What Do I have to do?

Agree to a free inspection, and, if damage is found, call your insurance claim dept. with your policy#, choose shingle and upgrades and we handle the rest.

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